Embrace neurodiversity! Your source for discreet stim toys and sensory tools designed with adults in-mind.

Let Them Stim

LET THEM STIM is a unique adult-focused sensory shop offering sensory products designed with adults in-mind. We aim to provide a diverse range of sensory toys, therapeutic tools, books, and consultation services to create sensory-friendly environments in both personal and professional settings. 

Sensory Inclusivity

At Let Them Stim, we aim to foster sensory well-being and inclusivity for adults through a diverse range of product categories. We offer captivating sensory experiences with items like lava lamps and lighting, provide comfort and tactile engagement through plush products, and deliver innovative sensory solutions. Our stim jewelry and toys empower individuals to embrace their unique sensory needs. With books, stickers, and stationary, we aim to educate and inspire, creating a more inclusive and sensory-friendly world.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower neurodivergent individuals of all ages, and specifically adults, by providing them with a comprehensive range of discreet and professional sensory tools, therapeutic resources, and consultation services.

Our mission is to foster self-regulation and create sensory-friendly environments, enabling neurodivergent individuals to thrive in both personal and professional settings.

Our vision is to be the leading source of support and tools for neurodivergent individuals, helping them lead fulfilling lives, express their unique abilities, and navigate the world with confidence.

We envision a society where neurodiversity is celebrated, and sensory inclusivity is the norm.

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Featured Collections

Innovative Sensory Solutions

Elevate your well-being with our innovative sensory solutions at Let Them Stim. Our handpicked range includes weighted blankets, sensory swings, and vibrating cushions, designed to bring relaxation, focus, and sensory regulation into your life. We're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to achieve a sense of calm and balance.

Stickers & Stationery

Unleash your creativity with our enchanting selection of sensory stickers and stationery at "Let Them Stim!" Whether you're a dedicated artist, planner enthusiast, or simply looking to add a touch of personality to your daily life, our collection has something for everyone. Choose from a variety of designs and themes, all carefully crafted with an extra touch of magic. Personalize your notebooks, journals, and space with our unique stickers and stationery, and let your imagination shine through in everything you do.